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Clerk Duties

The Texas Constitution, Section 20, Article 5, provides in Sec. 20:

"There shall be elected for each county, by qualified voters, a County Clerk who shall hold this office for four years, who shall be clerk of the County and Commissioners Courts and recorder of the county, whose duties, perquisites and fees of office shall be prescribed by the Legislature."


The County Clerk's duties as set out in the State Constitution and in Texas State Statutes, include keeping all public records, whether they be records of the Commissioner's Court, the County Court, the County Courts-at-Law, or any records filed by the general public.

The Clerk's offices contain a library of records, such as deeds, maps, plats, and other records pertaining to property located within the county. These records are open to the public and provide valuable data regarding the size, shape and location, legal description and property owner of all property situated in the County.

Recording and Filing Instruments

Of all the various responsibilities assigned to the County Clerk, the recording of legal instruments is perhaps the most traditional and basic duty. In terms of sheer volume, legal instruments constitute the major portion of paperwork flowing through the office, require the greatest amount of storage space and usually take up a larger portion of the clerk's time than any other single duty. These legal instruments will be:

  • Instruments that prove ownership or interest in real or personal property, such as deeds, deeds of trusts, contracts, mortgages, and liens of various types;
  • Instruments concerning the identity or commercial activities, (also know as UCC  Financing Statements);
  • Instruments concerning the identity of persons and businesses (also known as Assumed Name Certificates, and DBA).

The instruments are filed and recorded in a safe and permanent manner and a computerized index is provided so records may be easily and completely retrieved.

Recording and Filing Subdivisions and Plats

The County Clerk's office files, indexes and properly stores all plats for subdivisions located in the county of Kaufman.

Vital Statistics

The County Clerk is responsible for the filing and indexing of the following records of a personal nature:

  • Birth and death certificates that occur outside certain cities with registrars, such as the City of Terrell;
  • Issuance of Marriage Licenses;
  • Military Discharges;
  • Cattle brands or ownership marks on animals;
  • Records relating to estates of deceased residents;
  • Records relating to guardianships of minors and incompetents.

Court Administration

County Courts-at-Law Records - The County Clerk, as clerk of this court, is responsible for filing and indexing all papers involved in civil and criminal suits. She tracks all types of bonds, prepares the judges' docket sheet, issues warrants, abstracts of judgments, and executions.

Commissioner's Court Records - The County Clerk as an ex-officio member of the Court and has the responsibility of being present or having a deputy present at every official meeting of the Court. The Clerk writes the Court minutes and records all bids, proposals and contracts made by the Court.





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