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Frequently Asked Questions - Assumed Names

Can Assumed Names be searched over the phone?

No. We will run a search when you come into the office, you can research the name on the internet, or you may submit a written request. A written request must include a $10.00 fee for each name searches.

Can searches be done online?

Yes, the website is www.CountyGovernmentRecords.com. Registration and searching is free. Copies of documents are $1.00 per page.

What happens if a Corporation and a Non-corporation has very similar names and there is a problem; Does the Corporation automatically win?

No. Neither automatically wins. If both parties have properly filed the Assumed Name Certificate, then the courts will most likely have to decide this matter.

What if I plan to do business in multiple counties?

If you are a non-corporate business, then you need to file an Assumed Name Certificate with each county in which you plan to conduct business.

Do I have to file an Assumed Name Certificate if I am only going to use the name I incorporated under?

No. The name you incorporated under is filed with the Secretary of State and can be used anywhere within the State of Texas without any additional filing requirement.

What information does an Assumed Name Certificate give me?

The name of the business ownership.

Can I use my own name?

Sure you can. Many people do.

What if the company name is already registered in the County?

Consider another name.

How different does the name have to be?

First, consider the reason for choosing your company name. You want people to know who you are and what you do so they will buy goods or services from you. If you choose a name that is similar to someone else's your customer might get confused. Also, someone else could get the benefit of your hard work and advertising dollars. Second, if you choose a name that is similar to someone else's, you may wind up in a legal battle.

How can I find out if a Corporation is already using the name I have chosen?

You can call the Secretary of State at 512-463-5555.

Where can I obtain additional information and help?

Contact the Texas Department of Commerce, Small Business Division at 1-800-888-0511. This office offers free services that assist both new and expanding businesses. Additional contacts are provided under the Associated Links Section.



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