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Marriage License FAQ

Where can I get a Marriage License in Kaufman County?

Presently, the only location to have a Marriage License issued from the Courthouse in the Clerk's office, located in Kaufman, TX.

Can I come anytime to the Clerk's office and get a License?

Because issuing the License is a time consuming process, the Clerk's office requests that you arrive anytime between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You should expect to be here about 30 minutes.

Can we get married outside of Texas with a Texas Marriage License?

Yes, most states accept Texas Marriage Licenses, though you should always verify it with the State ahead of time.

Can I get a License if I was recently divorced in Texas or Out of Texas?

Section 2.009 of the Family Code sets forth that a license cannot be issued if either applicant has been divorced in Texas within the last 30 days; though the license can be issued on the 31st day after the decree was issued. However, this restriction does not apply when divorced spouses are remarrying each other, nor when the applicant has received a waiver from a court and a record of the proceedings was made and preserved.

If you were divorced in another state, the clerk will mark the 'yes' square on the marriage license application and indicate in what state the divorce was granted.

Do we both need to appear to get an Informal Marriage License?

Yes. An Absent Applicant form can not be used with an informal marriage according to Family Code 2.403 (a) (3),


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