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Military Discharge

General Information

Veterans may be encouraged to record official discharge papers with the county clerk for safekeeping and also by filing the military discharge; a record is maintained for future proof of service for veterans' benefits. After recording, the original is returned to the owner. As of September 1, 2003, the military records are confidential for 75 years as per HB 545. Only a qualified applicant may secure this information. Texas Local Government Code, Section 192.002 authorizes the County Clerk to file the military discharge at no cost.

Qualified Applicants

On request and the presentation of proper identification, the following persons may inspect the military discharge record or obtain free of charge a copy or certified copy of the record:

The following may apply for a Military Discharge:

        The veteran who is the subject of the record.

        The spouse or a child or parent of the veteran or, if there is no living spouse, child, or parent, the nearest living relative of the veteran.

        The legal guardian of the veteran, or personal representative of the estate of the veteran. A letter of permission and copy of identification from the registrant must be provided.

        Or the person named by the veteran, or by a person described above, in an appropriate power of attorney executed in a Texas Probate Court.

        A governmental body.

Necessary Information

An applicant must provide all necessary information and show proper identification prior to obtaining a copy of the certificate.

The following information is required:

        Full name as it appears on Military Discharge record


        Approximate Date of Discharge

        Your relationship to veteran

        Your Name and mailing address

        Valid identification (Photo ID preferred)

The above information is required by the Texas Government Code Sec. 552.140. Military Records filed after September 1, 2003 are considered confidential information for 75 years; therefore, all requirements must be met.

Procedures to Search for a Military Discharge

In Person:

  • Download the attached Military Discharge Application (see below) or obtain application from clerk.
  • Complete and sign the application.
  • Provide necessary identification.
  • Completed application will be processed and Military Discharge will be given to you immediately.

By Mail:

        Download the attached Military Discharge Application (see below), or send a letter which includes all of the information required. Include a legible return address and daytime telephone number.

        Complete and sign application.

        Mail with a copy of valid ID to:

Laura Hughes
Kaufman County Clerk
100 W. Mulberry
Kaufman, TX 75142
Attn: Vital Statistics Clerk

  • Completed application will be processed and a copy of the Military Discharge will be mailed within 7 business days.

Applicable Fees

  • Veterans are not charged a fee.

Forms: Military Discharge Search Application




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