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Withdrawal of an Assumed Name

General Information

If you would like to withdraw (or abandon) your Assumed Name or if your business is moving out of the county, you have two (2) options:

  • You can let the Assumed Name expire (effective for 10 years, unless otherwise stated on Certificate).
  • You can file a Withdrawal of Assumed Name.

Procedures to Withdraw an Assumed Name

In Person:

  • Download attached Withdrawal Application (see bottom of page) or obtain application from clerk.
  • Complete application and sign in front of a clerk (notary not necessary if signed in front of clerk).
  • Pay appropriate fee (see applicable fee section below).
  • Completed application will be processed and returned to you immediately.

By Mail:

  • Download attached Withdrawal Application packet. (see bottom of page).
  • Complete application, sign in front of a notary and mail (with appropriate fee) to:

Top of Form

Laura Hughes, Kaufman County Clerk
100 West Mulberry
Kaufman , Texas 75142

Bottom of Form

  • The recording fee for the Withdrawal of an Assumed Name is $25 per owner name, with an additional fee of $.50 added for each additional owner. A check or money order, payable to the Laura Hughes, County Clerk , must accompany the written request.
  • Once processed, the document will be returned to you by mail, within 7-10 business days .

Applicable Fees:

         The fee to file a Withdrawal of An Assumed Name Certificate to be filed and recorded is $25.00 (this includes one owner name).

         There is additional fee of $0.50 added for each additional owner.

Types of Payments Accepted:

         Cash (for your protection, please donít mail cash!)

         Check or Money Order Ė Made payable to Laura Hughes Kaufman County Clerk

         Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover)
Must include a daytime phone number if you are paying by credit card.

Withdrawal of Assumed Name Certificate Adobe Acrobat File (Interactive Form) You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download this form. 




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